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Toronto Skyline

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#TBT: Degrassi 10: James Edward Campbell, Munro Chambers & Aislinn Paul 
Charlotte Arnold

Miles and Tristan aka "how long can we flirt with each other until we actually kiss" 

"Come any closer, and i’ll kiss you!" 
"Go ahead" 
Tristan and Miles in Thunderstruck (13x40)  

Andrew Gn Resort 2015


If you won’t sing “Living’ on a Prayer” or “Mr. Brightside” at the top of your lungs with me, I do not need you in my life.

Happy 34th Birthday Harry James Potter! (July 31)

Anonymous asked: "all the questions ending with 1 and 5 uwu"

1. what are your favourite pronouns?

my favourite pronouns (and the ones I use) are her/she/hers. I’ve always known my gender is 3000% female, I’ve never had any doubts about that. Even in my childhood, I always hated wearing clothes that i thought were masculine, and I loved dresses and everything feminine and I always knew i was/am a girl/woman.  So yeah, I like those ones best because i use them. 

5. tuxedoes or suits?

I think both look really hot on people, but if I had to wear one it would be a feminine tux. I like the idea of a full tuxedo get up with a top hat and cane. it would be fun to wear one for some kind of event. 

11. are you the gay cousin?

no. my sister is the gay cousin - she’s a full on lesbian, even though she’s not out to our family, we both still think of her as the gay cousin. my family has a fuckton of cousins, and she’s the only one who i know for sure is gay. 

15. know any LBGTQ+ singers, dancers, actors, etc? 

I don’t know any personally, but i know of Ryan Cassata (hope i’m spelling that right); i found him on youtube and he’s a trans singer/song writer/poet. I love his music and he’s a total hottie. 

21. would you elope?

yes. I love the idea of a Vegas wedding, or getting hitched in Paris. I do like the idea of having a big dream wedding, but part of me really wants to just pick a nice dress and spend a night on the town after getting hitched. it just seems really romantic and it seems like more fun and less stress than a real wedding. 

25. who gives the best hugs?

i think all hugs are the best hugs. i’m a very touchy-feely person and i just love all hugs from everyone. especially hugs that turn into cuddling when i’m sitting/standing. i just love hugs and cuddling. especially because i’m taller/bigger and the other person usually ends up laying their head on me or sitting in my lap. it makes me swoon with happiness. 

31. are you in the closet?

sadly, yes. i label myself as queer because gender really has no effect on who i’m attracted to/would choose to date, and i feel like my family and even some of my friends really wouldn’t understand the term queer. most of them think that even being bisexual isn’t real or it’s greedy and stupid, so i’m not ready to come out. i think if i ever date someone who’s trans or if i date a girl, that will be the time to explain it to them. 

35. once upon a time (make a story) 

once upon a time there was a girl who was fucking hungry; plot twist, it’s me. 

41. what do you think the next generation will think of us?

i think like every generation. they’ll think that we’re uncool and how could we live without their technology, but they’ll also like our clothes and music and slang, and some kids will think they were born in the wrong time. 

45. do you think clothes and gender are different?

i think that with the way store are today, clothes and gender are very closely linked. your clothes don’t have to define your gender, but i think that clothes are a really great way to express the gender that you feel inside. i love wearing feminine clothes and feeling girly, and my clothes are a major way that i express my gender. clothes and gender are very closely linked, but that’s not a bad thing. 

-Tanisha <3